The importance of Pinktober

I don’t have to tell you the importance of Pinktober which is a reminder to check your breasts, and please do. But if Pinktober is the reason why you examine your breast at least once a year that is better than never, and I would say Pinktober has achieved something.

There are some recommendations how to check your breasts.

Self examination

Not a cancer journey

I did the self examination on regularly basis, but could not feel anything suspicious whether I was lying down or standing. So I was shocked when I bent forward and saw the retraction in my skin. My world fell completely apart. I just knew at once what it was, but still I hoped it was nothing. Because of my shocking experience I have written some posts about my cancer. It has completely occupied my life and it has not been a journey. It was a nightmare, a living cancer hell.

Several people suffering

My mother is 80 and her first reaction to me when I told her was: Oh no! Is this how its gonna end? My oldest son cried and my youngest son with ADHD and Tourettes syndrome became even more hyperactive and had more tics. He was the one I was most concerned about.

My mother-in-law celebrated the Christmas 2019 with me and my family. She could not understand how I could be so calm during the holidays. But I told her that I had to be strong for my children. Because of her visit I was in a way forced to think of other things than my cancer. I wanted to make a perfect Christmas, as if it was my last. But I was overwhelmed with emotions at nights and could not sleep.

The importance of Pinktober

So please tell your family members and friends to examine their breasts, even men. A few percentage of men get breast cancer every year too.The examination does not take long and it is an investment in yourself, in people you care for and love. Being diagnosed as early as possible is so important and your prognosis are good if you are in an early stage. If it is detected very early you may not have other treatment than the surgery and the side effects are less.

My breast cancer treatment plan


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