Trying to escape my cancer thoughts

I am very sad to day. I woke up this morning full of plans for the day. After scrolling the newspapers on the Internet I discovered that Kelly Preston is diseased after a two years struggle against breast cancer. I met my own fear with anxiety and I could not sit still. All my plans … Read more

The advantage of e-books and audiobooks

I love to read and a day without  books,e-books or audiobooks are unthinkable. I am a collector but I don’t have to fill my book shelves anymore. All of my books are now stored in a digital book shelve and that is very practical. I have learnt that reading books can benefit your mental health, … Read more

My Sony noisecancelling headphones

Have you ever got a gift you didn’t know you needed, and which after a short while meant the world to you? That is the story about my Sony noise canceling headphones. Headphones, as we all know,  come in different variants and mostly wired. They also come with ear plugs that almost don’t seem to … Read more

Hand knitting is mental hygiene

 I really believe hand knitting is mental hygiene.The hobby has helped me recover a long period with disease. Burnout- will I ever recover? A good combination I often combine knitting with an audio book or Netflix because I need something that disturb my thoughts. The distraction from music, audio books or a movie help me … Read more