Sewing machine and sewing projects

Finally weekend, and finally can I see the contour of the autumn. I love this time of the year with the beautiful colors and the constant shifting weather. In the northern part of Norway it is getting gradually darker. And I must say it is charming. I can finally light the candles and that is pretty evocative and cosy. But the best part of the autumn is that I got an excuse to sit indoor with my hobbies. Knitting is practical in the summer and I carry my knitting projects everywhere, but I am now having a longer break because my fingers are protesting.

Last sunday I just sat in my hobby room and didn´t know what to do next. Then my eyes catched my long forgotten sewing machine. Well, that is maybe the beginning for my sewing machine and sewing projects.

My sewing machines

I have always had an ambivalent relationship to any sewing machines. My first one was a Husqvarna, and it tore off the thread all the time or broke the needles. It ended up deep down in my closet. Well, that is why I one day for about 15 years ago, bought a Janome Jubilee 85.

My Janome Jubilee 85

It was an expensive, impulsive purchase, but I was lucky.  What a difference? It even sews through thick multilayered jeans and denim fabrics. The machine also got an embedded «thread the needle» tool, so I don’t have to use a microscope to find the eye of the needle. So my conclusion is that anyone can sew. It is all about your sewing machine.

Projects 12 years ago

It is now approximately 12 years since I did my last sewing project, a baby diaper bag and a little blanket for the stroller.

Baby diaper bag
Stroller blanket

A long break for the baby, but it included so much more.

Projects 2019

Last sunday I was sitting in my hobby room, I recalled some beautiful vintage fabric in my box of fabrics. The fabric was precutted with super easy instructions for a rusty sewer.

A Cath Kidston hand bag
The original Cath Kidston hand bag. Instead of an ordinary button, I put a pushbutton inside for easier access😊
The adjustable Cath Kidston pattern

I have made a few bags and some of them are not after the pattern, accept the 5 cm cut off in the corners of the bottom.

I am not a fan of the iron, but when it comes to sewing it is very important. It can be the matter of success or complete failure. Each and every seam edges are always gentIy pressed before the next sewing step.

The bottom and the sides are first sewn with zig zag seam. The pieces are then pinned together inside out, and the bottom and the sides are then sewn together with straight stitch. The seam allowance was 1.5 cm.


Side edges and bottom pinned together inside out and sewn with straight stitch.

The bottom and the sides are now sewn together.

The top edge was folded over and my top edge was 3 cm when I was finished. I sew it first by hand before finished it of with the sewing machine.

The strap and rounded edge

Pattern to the shoulder strap. You need two of them.

I did sew the two pieces for the shoulder strap inside out. But 8 cm before total closure I stopped and cut the thread. I then turned the outside in and closed the opening by hand. If you want a rounded edge I recommend to make some tiny triangular cut offs in the fabric.

Cut off some tiny triangular pieces for rounded edges
I sew one button on each sides of the bag and two button holes on each sides of the strap

So this was my story about my sewing machine and sewing project.






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