Preparing of the christmas gifts

I must admit I am preparing christmas gifts in september. Normally this is far to early, but I hate the last minute shopping. It always ends in something I would regret. My golden rule is to buy something to other that I want for myself. With last minute shopping this rule is at stake, or I end up buying to expensive things.

Preparations for christmas

So why do I talk about christmas in september? This year I have decided to make most of the christmas gifts myself. My kids are out of the question, because it is hard to keep something secret. They don’t like for an example knitted sweaters even though it has been trendy for a longer periode. Knitting has got a renaissance these days, and there are many who didn’t learn to knit before they beca adults

I have knitted a pair of long socks after a pattern from Pt design. They are knitted in Pt 5 sport and contain 80% wool. That would be great on a cold winter’s day underneath a long skirt and boots with long shafts.

Long socks 66 cm

I love this pattern from Pt design, but sadly I can’t find it on their web site any longer. The pattern was free, so if you want the pattern you are welcome to e-mail me. I guess Pt design would not mind.

The pattern from Pt design doesn’t excist any longer?

To be honest I made these socks during may. My first intention was to sell them. Then someone in my family told me how much they wanted the pair, so actually after a closer thought, I was thinking about christmas in may.

Table runner and table cloths

It is 12 years since I last time had a sewing project.

In my box of fabrics I found fabrics with christmas motives. It seems a little childish with baby bears pattern, but I love it. I have made the patchworl for the table runner and are now half way with the table cloth. When the patchwork is done I am going to quilt it. It will not be an advance quilt, but I will make it so easy as possible.

A table runner
Half way with the table cloth

Other handmade gifts

I bought two sari skirts made in India. They are super light and very comfortable to wear. These skirts would be great for some cousins of mine who love to travel to warm countries like Spain, Italy or Greece.

Sari skirt made in India

So september is the month for finishing of some projects of mine, and I have only mentioned a few of them. But I also got a shawl and the Megan jacket.

The Megan jacket

So september is the month for preparing of the christmas gifts.

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