Inspired by Quiltspace and Pinterest

I am inspired by Quiltspace and Pinterest. There are many creative persons out there, and if you are just like me in need of inspiration, these apps are a must.

I am a person who always got a project going on. But in periods where I don’t exactly know what to do with my hands, I use Quiltspace and Pinterest.


Quiltspace is more of a social app where you can publish your quilt or patchwork projects, whether they are finished or not. And you can ask questions and get advices how to solve issues related to your project. So far I have just seen positive feedbacks, and that is good. I have just used the app a couple of months so it is maybe to early to tell.

  • Potholders



Pinterest got no limits when it comes to creativity, and you can follow different categories and persons with interests in food, gardening, knitting, crochet, macrame, wood work, sewing tips, restorations and more. There is less or no contact between users of this app. I have just had one request during my three years on Pinterest, and that came from a man with other intentions than discussing hobbies…..

Pinterest has now opened up for sharing links from your affiliate merchants and your online store. But not every links you want to share are successful and are just ending up as a bold text. It just might be a restriction from your merchants. And some merchants do not accept links posted on Pinterest.

Despite the commercial, Pinterest is an inspiring app. I started with macrame because of Pinterest

At the moment I don’t know what to do next. So I will trawl the apps and I guess I soon will come up with something inspired from Quiltspace or Pinterest. It is all about to find something that will reduce stress.Chronic stress and diseases

Table runner

Sewing machine and sewing  projects

Preparing of the christmas gifts 

Is macrame a new hobby?


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