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This is the day when my choir, Kalliope is in concert with Chris Medina.Choir singing is mental hygiene

I am really looking forward to it and hopefully some people find their way to the church. There are two other concerts in town so this is in a way a fight for the audience.

Backing vocalists

We are Chris Medina backing vocalists in this specific concert and we are going to perform Christmas songs like Silent night, Simply having a wonderful Christmas time, Hark the herald, What are words, O come Emmanuel just to mention a few. Chris Medina and his band are on a Christmas tour in Norway, so there are many choirs around in the country backing him up.

Before a concert

There are always some nerves before a concert and that is normal. You need a certain amount of nerves to perform, and  afterwards you will get a feeling of relief. That feeling is the best feelings of all. I am always calm and tired in a good way. Gone is the stress and everything is feeling fine.


After a concert

As a tradition the choir will have a pleasant time having a meal and a glass of wine or two in a cosy restaurant. I am really looking forward to that.

Before choir practice with Chris Medina…..

But first I have to read through the lyrics and look over my suit or dress. I can choose, but the color must be black and we are not aloud to use mini skirt. I am bit nervous about the lyrics, but hopefully I will remember the most of it. There is always a blackout when I am nervous…..

Now I am going to prepare to sing in concert with Chris Medina.

And tomorrow…..

It is time to relax…..




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