Google- friend or enemy?


My blog has unfortunately become a non-hobby blog, and more in the addition category. It is not what I have planned, because my creativity is at its peak now. Instead I am struggling with things I don’t want to spend my leisure time on. Like Google……

Google- friend or enemy?

Google has been working fine until now, and all of the sudden its not……

I am not good with computers and programming, and I often struggle with guidelines and procedures when it is written in English. To read long explanations where you don’t get to the point and the links are linked up with other links makes me really impatient…..

I have tried to verify my web site in the search console. The problem is that I got two Gmail accounts. One account is for business and work, and the other account for private e-mails. So when I think I have logged in to my business account it has been switched to my private account. That is very annoying.

So in the search console I am declined with the message: «You don’t have the access. Is it yours, verify your domain». I find that very strange because Google knows everything about me and my accounts. Because When you are signing up for a Gmail account you need to add a second e-mail address for security precautions……..

My advice to you

If you want to make a Gmail account, I would advice you to use a second e-mail from a total different provider. Another tip is not to use the same profile picture on both accounts. That is another way to divide your accounts from each other.

I have made these mistakes and they have made me struggle. To verify my owner ship in Google you have to copy a specific Google verification code, and paste it in Yoast SEO webmaster tool. That is super easy, but not with Google…..It keeps on switching the accounts.

I don’t know how many times I have copied and pasted a code, but I am constantly declined.

Other options

I know there is other options to verify my site like pasting the gtag in the head snippet…So if someone would tell me how and where to do that I would be really happy. I am knew in WordPress so I am really careful when it comes to making changes.

So today I downloaded a plugin called WP global site tag, because I do have a Google analytic Id.

The final solution

I struggled with WP global site tag too. But my solution was the plugin «Head, foot and post injections» in WordPress, and Google tag manager. In the tag manager, under the administrator tab, I generated some codes under « install Google tag manager». One code was pasted in the <head> section of the plugin, and another code was pasted right after the <body> tag. The best part of it, I could not go wrong. The plugin took care of the rest. And voila….The plugin did the rest for me.

No wonder I ask the question is Google – friend or enemy? So now I have experienced problems with the most famous search engine and affiliate links within a six months period. What would be next?


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