Darn Good Yarn videos

Darn Good Yarn helps people with disadvantages and I am therefore proud to promote the firm. I am also really proud to promote a company that is environmentally, ethically and socially engaged. That is why I want to share with you some Darn Good Yarn videos.

Sari skirt made in India

Why do I support Darn Good Yarn?

Darn Good Yarn helps people with  disadvantages around the world to have a meaningful day, even though the company is seated in New York. Despite the company has to earn money to stay «alive», they got a business policy with an unselfish wish to help people around the globe. Countries and borders are no limit. I will try to explain it. You can find the company at  shareasale. 

I have written some posts about Darn Good Yarn I hope you find the time to read. In these pandemic times it is very important to support companies and their employees. I am lucky I got a job in the health care and so is my husband. As long as I can afford it I will try to support different companies,  and Darn Good Yarn is one of them in addition to local companies. I am afraid of several people are committing suicide because they give up and can´t cope the lock down. Depression and anxiety are not far away and the worries about tomorrow are overwhelming. I see a tendency of more break ins and thefts. It really worries me. Lets fight this virus together. Keep the distance, do hand disinfection or hand wash, wear face masks if needed and recommended. We all know these safety measures now. Take care!



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