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Burnout- will you ever recover?


I have written about my chronic disease, ulcerative colitis. Ulcerative colitis and colonoscopy controls

This disease combined with chronic stress and ADHD made me taste a burnout for several years.

But you don’t have to have a chronic disease to get a burnout condition. What ever caused your problems you are maybe asking yourself: I am having a Burnout- will I ever recover?

Are you in the danger zone?

When I am at work I work very hard. I can´t even have my lunch without working. It is a bad habit, but it is hard to change when it is a part of your personality.

So personality got something to say when it comes to getting a burnout.  Are you a yes person and a perfectionist? Do you need more time alone than ever before, and most of your leisure time is all about resting? Do you forget things and are you constantly working to please others? Are you not socializing with other people and do you need something to relax? Do you feel apathetic and are you having mood swings? Well, I have to say you are in the danger zone….


I got the burnout diagnose after seeing a psychologist where I told her that I forgot names, got concentration problems, forgot appointments, forgot what I have told or not told people.  Sometimes I actually could not remember the lyrics of the national anthem. It is like having cotton in my head. 

So I have asked myself many times; will I ever recover from the burnout? It is not a state of mind you want to be in for long and you can’t rush it. It takes its time….

You have maybe been a person who took care of others, but now it is the time to take more care of yourself. Be a little more of an ego, at least when and if you can. It is a bit difficult when you got children, because you need to prioritize them.

Burnout recovering

The road back is long and I am not there yet. Some psychologists say it may take several years to recover a burnout and you need to be patient. If we are talking about chronic stress it is not a quick fix, because it is easier to prevent than to heal the condition.

Some ideas

I have found my way back, but I haven’t «found myself yet» and maybe I don’t? Anyhow I do listen a lot to audio books, mindfulness and weather recordings on Spotify. The weather recordings actually helps me to sleep and relax instead of taking a sleeping pill. It is so easy to get addicted to them, so Spotify is a good alternative.  I have been very sensitive to music, but nature sounds have never been a problem.

A walk every day,  to get some fresh air will maybe help you to find some sleep.

Yoga is very popular these days when it comes to handle stress and to relax, but it cost some money.

I am on my way……

I have knitted like a maniac, and after I while I became interested in card making, macrame, crocheting and to sing again in a female choir. The point is to do something you like to keep the depression, anxiety and the mood swing away to a certain point. These three conditions are unfortunately a part of having a burnout.

Yoga is very popular these days when it comes to handle stress and to relax, but it cost some money.

It is important to learn to say «no» when you feel it is to much, because you AND your family will suffer when you are down and out. But it is easier said than done….

Inspired by Quiltspace and Pinterest

Hand knitting is mental hygiene

Setesdal´s sweaters with long collar

Preparing of the christmas gifts

Choir singing is mental hygiene


The road back is long. Impatience will not help, but will you ever recover from a burnout? I don´t know. It depends on you. Are you willing to seek help? Personally I must accept living with my chronic disease and its fatigue. But from the burnout it will take time to recover.

It is time to relax…..

Choir singing is mental hygiene

The advantage of e-books and audiobooks

My Sony noisecancelling


Hand knitting and Mental hygiene

Ulcerative colitis and colonoscopy controls

Health mental health

Should I feel any shame?


The society is going in the wrong direction. Each and everyone of us must work faster and more efficient. We are all running with blue flashing lights on our shoes like an emergency car. Having a good simultaneous capacity is in the long term not a good feature. I ended up with a overheated brain with lack of concentration and I started to forget things. The brain fog was extremely thick. My doctor and psychologist had to stop me. But should I feel any shame?Burnout- will I ever recover?


I have worked a lot. To much I must say when I think back.  A peri operative nurse working with brain fog would be extremely dangerous. But I changed work when I felt something was wrong. You can feel it, but it is hard to explain what is wrong.

In the working life there is no room for diseases, and when the day comes and your body says «No», you feel you are being punished. When you are on sick leave long enough you have to beg for money. The politicians are still proclaiming that it should pay off to work. Yes, but at what cost? My body has really been paying off. Should I feel any shame?

A burnout with following fatigue, depression and anxiety is not a status disease like a heart attack. Even though it got such an impact on your life and family. It is «only» a psycho- somatic disease….. And when you first got that label it follows you through the health care. A psychologist told me once that depression is a symptom of a stressful brain. I have kept that in mind every time I have struggled.

Symptoms of burnout

Norway got a law. I guess in English it would be called working environment act. This law got many important paragraphs talking so nicely about including people with disadvantages. But I truly believe that if the pace in the working environment could slow down a bit, people with different diseases could work more. I also believe that there would be less people with burnout symptoms.

Can anyone make a good decision in a stressful environment? Maybe up to a point, but it would not last until you are 70. Of course it depends on the job and your profession. But I guess any job would stop you in the end

Should I feel any shame?

I have already answered this question. I don’t feel any shame, but the only thing I regret is not stopping myself in time. But how would I know? I was stopped and if I weren’t what would have become of me? The downhill was very steep and there was a brick wall in the end. No one is irreplaceable and no one would thank you the day you hit the wall. So please take care of your self and your family. Learn to say no, when you feel you have to take care of yourself and be honest about it.

Chronic stress and diseases

Hand knitting is mental hygiene

The advantage of e-books and audiobooks

My Sony noisecancelling headphones



Books and audiobooks Hobby mental health

It is time to relax…..


It is time to relax and when I do that I love to listen to nature sounds. I have found some weather recordings on Spotify, and use them every day.

When I got sleeping problems or just needs to calm down I put on my noisecancelling headphones. Gone is the noise from the traffic and neighbor’s dog….. Instead I can relax to calming waves, heavy rain, thunderstorms, birds or stormy weather. That is the best sleeping medicine.

If you struggle with the same problem, nature sounds may be the solution. It helps. Other apps like mindfulness may be helpful too, or maybe artists like Enya or Enigma. I have used Spotify for many years now. I find it hard to switch.

It is a great combination with wireless headset, Bluetooth and Spotify. Since the app can be used offline, I can play it everywhere where I do not have any WiFi connection. And I do not have to worry about mobile data costs.

Well, it is time to relax and it is time to go to bed….



Health mental health

Ulcerative colitis and colonoscopy controls


I got ulcerative colitis and it was confirmed with colonoscopy i 2012. Personally I was rather old when I got the diagnose, but I was ill long before the bleeding diarrheas occur. In addition I had stomach pain, headaches, dizzy and fatigue. When the gastro specialist said «you got ulcerative colitis» he put me on medication right away. It was tablets, suppositories and rectal installation liquid. During a couple of days the bleeding stopped.

Colon with ulcerative colitis versus normal colon


Ulcerative colitis

Ulcerative colitis is a chronic inflammation in the colon. It is an autoimmune disease where the body actually attacks its own cells. The scientists are not sure about the reasons. It seems to be some genetic, immunological and psychological reasons to it. But never the less, ulcerative colitis attacks the colon causing ulcers, bleeding and diarrheas. Ulcerative colitis and colonoscopy controls have become a part of my life.


The ulcerative colitis easily explained by CanadaQBank on You tube.


The examination

Once a year I am having a colonoscopy control. Before a colonoscopy you have to have a couple of days on a diet and to use some laxatives. The diet can be different between the hospitals. But the common rule is some days on clear liquids without milk. The day before the examination you may drink the laxatives. On these days I am on a sick leave, because you got to “cling” to the toilet. A lot of water and other clear liquids with sugar are important. You need energy and to prevent dehydration. 

A colo scope


A Colonoscopy can be painful. Some patients will need painkillers, or something to relax on during the procedure. The medicine has to be given intravenous. So far I have managed without the painkiller, and that is simply because of the doctor handling the scope.

The doctor is using water, air or CO2 to expand the bowel. You can watch the whole procedure on the monitor if you want. During the procedure the gastro specialist will take biopsies. Every now and then you have to turn and change the position to make the access and the doctor’s view easier.



Living with ulcerative colitis

Each person with ulcerative colitis got an individual history. Personally I have been using one type of medicine called Asacol all the way. Other people must use other medicines, and some needs surgery. It is all about taking control over the disease. 

 I have read a lot about the disease. Some scientists say that food has no impact on the disease and some recommend the foodmap diet. It is difficult to live on a diet when you got a family. But over the years I know what food to eat.

Persons with ulcerative colitis have to be careful with certain medicines. It is medicines which contain acetylsalicylic acid like aspirin, ibuprofen, voltaren and naproxen. In addition you shall not use iron supplements. These medicines can actually trigger your disease.

Stress triggers my disease. It must not be to many things going on at the same time, or the same day.  I have found my ways to calm down and recreate, like my hobbies, music, audiobooks, affirmations and mindfulness. Meeting up with other people with the same disease can help you accept the situation and deal with your life.

My experience as a patient

You will experience good and bad days. And since ulcerative colitis is an autoimmune disease, it may have effect on the entire body. Many got symptoms from their joints, spine, eyes and skin and sometimes it feels like having the flue. But not all of the doctors accept these facts. Why is it so hard to believe? You are rejected with this psycho-somatic label, which is similar to “I am not taking you seriously.” Whether there are some psychological components or not, should not define you as a human being. It does not matter what disease you got, there is and will always be a psychological side of each and every one of us. Are there any diseases that don´t ?

Will there soon be any new knowledge?

My experience is that this disease is a low status disease and it is surrounded with taboos. The quite opposite of a heart attack, where the blue lights are blinking from the doctors and nurses heels. Yes I now a heart attack is acute, but these patient may also get anxiety. But this anxiety is more legitimate than someone with just a bowel disease.  Are there any scientists out there working on the case? Nothing much has changed during the years since I graduated the nursing school. The laxatives have changed though, but I hope that the patients with this disease are soon to be examined with something else than through a colon scope.

I have heard about these examination capsules you can swallow, but I have heard about them for several years now…. During one of my examination I told the gastro specialist that I could not have a glass of red wine, because it gave me stomach pain. But my intestine where fine. She meant that I had an irritable bowel syndrome. When I was about to leave the gastro lab the nurse came towards me and said: “Well now you can have your glass of wine.” She is a typical example of what kind of comments people with lack of knowledge can give you. As I left I said: “No I actually can´t. Think about it. This examination did not give me the answer why I can´t.” 

Well that is my life with ulcerative colitis and colonoscopy controls. I just wish I could live without them.


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Chronic stress and diseases


I read once an article on a Norwegian web site about how chronic stress can give us diseases. It was actually an interview of Rune Jonassen  from 2014-12.25, a psychologist and scientist at the University of Oslo.

What is normal stress response?

Jonassen explains stress as the condition in which we experience demands exceeding or approaching the level of what we are capable to handle. We all know that stress reactions are normal physical responses, and that some people handle stress better than other.

When we get stressed the heart rate increases and we breathe faster. The stress hormone cortisol release glucose into our muscles and liver, and in this way the body gets extra energy. The immune system is triggered, but when the stress becomes chronic, the system is weakened instead.

Can stress make us ill?

Scientists say that a high level of cortisol is associated with a variety of diseases, because the cells of the immune system stop responding to the inflammation in the body. The consequences are that stress can make us ill.

Chronic stress

Stress that last over a long period of time can trigger various autoimmune diseases. The immune system stars to attack its own tissues and cells, because the body perceives it to be foreign components. It is the same response as if it was a bacteria or a virus. This response can cause diabetes, arthritis, multiple sclerosis and lupus.

During stress the blood supply to the skin and gastrointestinal tracts may become insufficient. The metabolic process may slow down, and the food can be digested more slowly. Chronic stress may therefore cause diseases like gastritis, ulcerative colitis and ulcer.

When it comes to the skin you may experience pimples and itching.The constriction of blood vessels may also be the reason why the skin lose elasticity and cause early aging. Hair loss are also common, because the body loses zinc. If you got a low value of zinc it may cause burnout, headache, mental disorders and heart problems.

Stress over time can give you a depression. One hypothesis is that depression can have a function to protect the you from the stress.

My chronic stress and disease

I am actually a living proof how chronic stress can have such a bad influence on the body. In 2012 I got ulcerative colitis. I recognize many of the symptoms I read about in the article. Every bone and muscles in the body was painful, and it felts like a non-stop flue. I struggled with sleeping problems for a long time and could not find any rest. The hair loss was massive and always commented by my hair dresser.

To sleep at night I listen to Spotify and sounds from the nature. That really calms me down. Hobbies like knitting , Audiobooks, mindfulness and a long walk each day are important in my recovery program.

Burnout- will I ever recover?

Should I feel any shame?

Hand knitting is mental hygiene

It is time to relax…..

Hobby mental health

Is macrame a new hobby?


After my son left home a couple of days ago I have really been in a vacuum condition and decided that enough was enough. So I looked through my chest where I store all of my yarn balls. In the bottom I found some yarn for macrame I had forgotten all about. Well why not? Maybe macrame is a new hobby of mine?

I remember making some plant hangers over 20 years ago,  as a birthday gift to my my mother. But she was not fund of them. I could read her like an open book. This time I would like a wall hanger for myself in an accurant size. Afterwards I see it as an oversized, impulsive and an overoptimistic task for a beginner. Anyway, the macrame is done and my fingers and hands are sore…..

As I said I found some macrame yarn in the bottom of my chest. It got a beautiful blue color and made of cotton. I bought it on a web site in Norway together with some wooden rods. I was disappointed when I got the yarn and even more disappointed when I saw the sizes of the rods I had ordered. The yarn was thin and very stiff. It was not easy to work with. The rods were only 5 mm in diameter, so I must have punched the order incorrectly. As a perioperative nurse I know extremely well these sizes in diameters. We use 5 mm optics for arthroscopy everyday. Anyway, I decided to keep the stuff.

Macrame research

I made first some research at You tube and Pinterest. There are so many clever people out there, who are so passion about macrame. First of all I had to refresh the different knots.

I got my inspration by the following video made of Ideiascriativaspap.

My impulsive macrame project

I made some 20 feet cordings and used to 5 mm rods.  I attached each cords to the rods with larkhead knot.

I found out later on that the macrame cordings were to short. It means that my wall hanging project became smaller than I wanted. Well, I added some new cordings. I decided to change the knots from square to spiral. Between the square and the spiral knots I put a new rod. At last I tied some knots on the fringes in different hights. I decorated the wall hanger with some flowers intended for my cardmaking. The flowers can I change when I got tired of them.

Is macrame a new hobby?

This was a very funny project. I learnt alot and would give you some advice:

  • You got to hang the macrame on the wall, but not to high. If it hangs to high you will quickly feel it in your arms, shoulders and neck.
  • Plan your project better than I did.
  • You need long enough cordings
  • As a beginner I would use a specific pattern.
  • Use some good shoes if you got a very hard floor. I got backpain
  • Use a thick and soft yarn
  • Use some branches from the nature. It add something special to the macrame.






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Self-esteem and self confidence


Self-esteem and self confidence are said to be two concepts often used interchangeably. While self-esteem is the way you see, know and love yourself, is self confidence the feeling of trust in your abilities, qualities, and judgement.

 The main difference between a narcissistic person and one who has high self-esteem is their self-image. The narcissistic person got an exaggerated and distorted sense of importance. On the other hand, people with good self-esteem is feeling an inner satisfaction that is less bloated, but more legitimate.

This inner feeling of satisfaction is a good feeling, and some sort of relief. We got to learn to drop the ambitions and just  be human for a period. We just got one life……

“Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit.”

– E.E. Cummings (from

The stress can make us ill, and the self-esteem will drop even more and it may take you several years to rebuild and recover.

Studies of the brain and self-esteem

The University of Calgary has recently published a study made of dr. Dencel Kopala. His research highlights how negative self talk can contribute to depression. The self-esteem got a tendency to become lower, especially during periods of stress. If this isn´t being taking care of, you may get stucked in this negative self talk pattern. It will become harder to feel optimistic, joy and satisfaction. The most interesting part of this is that this negative self talk causes physical changes in certain parts of the brain. Dr. Johannes Klakl from University of Salzburg got the same conclusion in a study from 2014. People with these physical changes in the brain, are more vulnerable to depression.

Many therapists say that the way you talk to yourself, is the key to recovering. If that is the case, you can actually strengthen your mental health with positive self talk. With love to yourself and a healthy self confidence are the best defence to the most changes in your mood.

Low self-esteem and self confidence

 I guess we all got days with all our ups and downs. We are only human, and if we can’t accept our limits the road to burnout is short.

Some say that a typical sign on low self-esteem are people who talk negatively about others to emphasize themselves. We are all doing the best we can, and no one can be 100% all the time. It is just impossible. If we want to find the inner peace I think we have to accept that.

When people are having low self-esteem they are doing tasks to prove to other people that they can perform the a specfic task. They are not doing it for their own benefit. In my point of view they don’t necessarily have low self confidence.I guess they would not say yes to a task, if they didn’t know they could perform it. This sign, I think, got also an element of competition.

A person may have low self-esteem when he or she is never satisfied with the performance, no matter how good and skilled he or she is. They are constantly comparing themself to others, and they are just good when no one else is better.

A characteristica of low self-esteem is that you are feeling ugly and think you would be happier if you were prettier. It doesn’t mean that the self confidence is low. Another characteristica is that you notice that you rather do what others expect of you, and behave the way you think others want you to be, rather than being yourself. If not you will have this feeling of quilty.

How can you help yourself?

I believe in positive self talks to increase the low self-esteem and self confidence. I have worked a lot with myself and my own mindset. 

As an example my son and I at bedtime, listen to an app with just positive self talk or afirmations. I got access to this app after a course I joined 2-3 years ago. Even though it‘s made for children I got benefit of this app to.

Repeat each sentences 3 times. I have also recorded my own positive self talk or afimations on the mobile phone. Here is some examples:

1) I am more than good enough

2) I am the best in the world to be me

3) I deserve to be loved for who I am

4) My best is more than good enough

5) I am a cooperative person

6) I will always find a solution

7) I am a valuable person

8) I am a creative person

9) I deserve to have a good life

10) I laugh many times a day

 These afirmations are just some of mine. You can adopt them or make your own personal.

After the positive self talk we listen to a mindfulness app for children. A lady talk you through what body parts to think of, and gradually you relax, and your mind let the problems go. You breathe more freely, and the pulse is calming down. The session ends with relaxing nature sounds.

If you love nature sounds, you can use Spotify for the same reason. I just love that and I really recommend it.

Help Yourself to Happiness

by Helen Steiner Rice

Everybody, everywhere
seeks happiness, it‘s true,
But finding it and keeping it
seem difficult to do.

Difficult because we think
that happiness is found
Only in the places where
wealth and fame abound.

And so we go on searching
in palaces of pleasure
Seeking recognition
and monetary treasure,

Unaware that happiness
is just a state of mind
Within the reach of everyone
who takes time to be kind.

For in making others happy
we will be happy, too.
For the happiness you give away
returns to shine on you.

Better your self-esteem with positive self talk

mental health Tourettes syndrome

Tourettes syndrome and side effects


Tourettes syndrome and its side effects are many. ADHD is just one of them.

To be honest it is hard to reveal what is what. Is the cursing bad behavior or is it tics? Is it just impulsive?

Tourettes syndrome is an neurobiological condition just like ADHD. Tics are words, sounds, behavior on repeat which the tourettes can’t control. Stress, joy, tiredness can increase the amount of tics. Tourettes syndrome and its side effects got major consequences for the child in every aspects.

Tourettes syndrome with addition

But it is a fact that these kids in addition to TS got ADHD/ADD, Anxiety, depression and obsessive compulsory disorder (OCD) and  obsessive compulsory behavior (OCB). When the kid got his/her diagnose there is to much focus at the ADHD condition. The diagnose you can do something about is the ADHD. Some doctors just put them on medication like methylphenidate and that’s it!! Often they are put on medicine just to please the school and that is an ethical dilemma….


The benefit of medication is increased attention and maybe a calmer pupil. But what is the cost? Well, some tics even more. And in addition, an extreme anxiety which strike like lightning. I have previously written that ADHD medication can cause tics, and for a child with tourettes that is very unfortunately.

The side effects of tics

Tourettes syndrome and its side effects are many, but the most famous are tics. They come in different strength and variety. The side effects of tic can be extremely painful because tourettes got such an impact on muscles, joint, skin and viscera.

Tics can be hardly noticeable like a wink, stretching a joint, finger or a toe. They can try to swallow air,  rolling eyes and coughing, They  can imitate others or repeat a word several times. On the other hand they can be very loud, got a bad but not intentional behavior. They can bite their finger nail so short, that the finger tips and the nail beds get extremely sore. Tics can be gnawing their fingers so much that they got wounds or friction wounds.

The side effects of tics can therefore be muscle- and joint pain,  headaches, exhaustion and fatigue. Considering the exhaustion and fatigue they may have sleeping problems.

Additional side effects

Many of these kids are very rigid and at the limit to be called autistic. The rigidity is just a way to reduce the anxiety. So these children need a predictable day with no sudden change. Anxiety can cause a lot of anger and mortifying scenes, especially for the child when he or she has calmed down.

Obsessive compulsory disorder can come to surface when child wants things to be done in a specific order or way. Examples like the right sock before the left, right shoe before the left, just walk on the white lines in the pedestrian crossing, not mix the dinner on the plate and so on. 

So why is the treatment ending with just a ADHD-medication in some hospitals? Well I don’t know, but in my mind this is a lack of knowledge of the doctor/ psychologist/ psychiatrist. The parents and school need counseling how to reveal the tics and act in a good way. It is wrong to punish a child for its tics. It is important that the child doesn’t feel useless, hopeless and unworthy. The self confidence and the self-esteem are basically poor.

These kids need a team around them all day long at school. Social skills are essential, and school is maybe the largest arena for that.  Personally I find social skills to be more important subject than mathematics. And to prevent incidents like bullying, arguing and fights, there must be an adult just five steps away. I believe these interventions will in addition reduce the anxiety, depression and OCD.

Self-esteem and self confidence 

Methylphenidate and poor


ADHD and Tourettes in school 

adhd and Tourettes syndrome mental health

Methylphenidate and poor appetite


There are many considerations to be done when you got a child with ADHD and Tourettes. The combination of methylphenidate and poor appetite are very common. Poor appetite in children is just one of many side-effects of the medication.

Methylphenidate and poor appetite

I got experience with methylphenidate and I wrote about it in my post «ADHD and Tourettes syndrome»

The drawback with the medicine is what I already have mentioned, it gives the child poor appetite. Both ADHD and Tourettes are energy intensive conditions. So what happens when the blood sugar drops but the child still got no appetite?

These children are often very skinny.Some of them don’t have time or can’t sit still and quietly by the table. The medicine can make them sick as well as low blood sugar. I guess a natural cause of this is that the child won’t eat. But that is exactly what it has to do. The constant high stress level won’t help the child to gain any weight. This constant feeling of stress combined with medicine and poor appetite can be a huge problem, especially at school.

When the child on medicine got no or poor appetite the blood sugar drops. The anxiety exacerbated, the hyperactivity increases and more rage. The child can become more challenging and less cooperative. Well that is how we all become when we don’t eat, but up to a point you can control your feelings. But an impulsive kid got problems to control these emotions.

In my country the children bring their own lunchboxes to school. Despite this my child went four years at school without eating his lunch. No one seemed to take the responsibility looking after her. In fifth grade one teacher finally took the responsibility. And for us parents we used four years to be heard. My daughter eats her lunch every day now. The appetite is still poor but the mood is more stable, and she has become more social. Maybe teachers and other adults in the school don’t relate specific issues with the combination of medication, poor appetite in children and bad behavior?

I don’t know the practice in countries where the children get meals at school. I can see some problems with canteens and crowded areas since these kids struggle with anxiety and the influence of stress. And this won’t help on the lack of hunger.

What can we do to help?

The children with ADHD and Tourettes are just as different as you and I. With that in mind the following advices are just mine. If you get any additional ideas when it comes to medicine and poor appetite I be happy for you. If you want to shear them with me, please give me a comment or write to me.

1) If your child are using a lunchbox send something you know he likes. Some schools want the children to bring healthy diets. And that’s ok but maybe not when it comes to your child. The aim is that something is better than nothing (I am not talking about chips). A pizza slice, some bread with chocolate topping, yogurt, cereal and fruit like a banana and a carrot.

2) Make an agreement with your child. There will be an ice cream after dinner or something. You can get kids with ADHD/Tourettes to do almost everything when they know they will be awarded afterward. Remember: A promise is a promise. If they have earn it they deserve it, matter what they have done in the meantime.

3) Make an agreement with the class teacher. I guess they are also interested in a calmer and cooperative child.

4) Let the kid get butter on the bread and fatty milk to drink

5) When you give the kid pizza, add some oil and extra cheese toppings. If you got some protein powder you can mix it with the oil before you add it on the pizza. (Tryptophan is a protein which make the kid tired).

6) Variate with fine and whole wheat bread. If your kid wants just fine bread that’s fine. Mind that he or she drinks well and gets fiber from other sources. The methylphenidate have an impact on the bowel so I don’t think you need to be afraid of constipation.

7) Children with ADHD and Tourettes syndrome are creatures of habits and routines. If you change the content of the lunchbox prepare the child. If there is cereal in the lunchbox. Let them practice pouring the milk at home and that it is ok to spill some milk and how to clean it up afterwards. Many of these kids feel so clumsy and ashamed when they don’t master a task. It all comes down to their lack of self-esteem and confidence. Since these kids are creatures of habits are there any issues in the school canteen? Should there be other arrangements for your child?

8) Try some medicine free days.

9) Give them something to eat before they take the medicine. It got two purposes: To prevent sickness and to be curtain that they at least got a normal blood sugar level before they walk to school.

10) Vitamins and minerals are always important.

11) Don’t mix the potatoes, sauce, vegetables and meat balls on the plate if the child don’t wants you to do that. Just respect this. This could be OCD and not unusual when a person got tourettes.

12) Choose your fights. If you are «fighting» you will just get so tired and exhausted and you end up with no fights and no structure. The time is on your side. Just remember that children with ADHD are more immature than other kids at the same age. But even children with these diagnosis will catch up with time. It just happens later than sooner.

I am wondering why methylphenidate is the first choice. In addition to poor appetite, children with tourettes also got more tics. Are there any considerations to tourettes at all? But methylphenidate and poor appetite cause many problems like anger, and you can not be sure whether that is low blood sugar or a tic.

So if you observe a poorly regulated child with still a lot of impulsivity, he or she doesn’t have the right medicine dose. My impression is that the regulations of impulsivity are more important than the appetite. Alternatively the doctor need to change the medicines, but this is a task for a specialist not an ordinary doctor.

adhd and Tourettes syndrome mental health

ADHD and Tourettes in school


Everybody knows someone with ADHD and got some kind of clues what it is. But what if your child in addition tourettes? School and homework are always a challenge.  But with some effort from the parents and the school these kids may have an ok school day.

What is ADHD and Tourettes?

ADHD and Tourettes are neurobiological heritaged conditions. «Attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder is also categorized in some sub classifications.  The child can have mostly attention deficit or mostly hyperactivity and noattention deficit. If your child got the combined type it got attention deficit and hyperactivity.These diagnoses has be changed during the years. A typical ADHD child is immature compares with other children of the same age. They often midunderstand social rules, ending up in a quarrel or a fight. Most of them are not a team mate, and would often not function in a team sport like football.

Tourettes syndrome is a diagnose where people, school and health service have very poor knowledge of. This diagnose is full of myth, stigma and it is rarely portrayed correctly on film and tv. There is nearly always an exaggeration.

Most of the children got moderate tics and will deal with them as they grow up. The tourettes got sudden, unwanted, repeatedly movements or vocal sounds. The tics can be eye winks, facial grimace, nose wrinling, head throwing, nodding, piping, whining, sniffing, stuttering, howling, shouting, cursing and so on. In addition they can have ADHD and OCD, which is obsessive compulsory disorder. Just the tourettes diagnose is rarely.

The tics can move from one bodypart to the other with reinforcement in the presence of anxiety, stress, boredom, looking forward to something, little sleep and medicin.

What about these children in school?

Some of these children with both or just one of these  diagnosis resist changes. Settled routines are very important. Holidays can be a really challenging periode for the child and the parents.

First of all your childs school mates need to know about ADHD and especially the tourettes. The earlier they know about these conditions it could maybe prevent some bullying.

During a school day there can be a lot of different subjects. This may cause many problems like frustrations and anger. Rapidly and many changes during a school day can feed the anxiety and depression. ADHD and Tourettes energy are both intensive conditions. I wrote about this in my post « Metylphenidate, poor appitite in children» Both of the these conditions got attention-and consentration problems. There is a double up.

They struggle at school and many of them go through junior and senior high without any friends. It is important to include these children in the school yard. At least give them an opportunity to join the play. Many are just wandering around alone in the school yard.

Children with ADHD and Tourettes in school need a predictable day to reduce the anxiety and maybe the outrageous behavior. A day plan is a great idea. The teacher can make an appointment with the pupil, and write down on the scheme what exactly the pupil should work with. When the pupil stick to the appointment, he or she could be rewarded with a smiley marked down at the scheme. If the child for an example got 5 smileys during the day, the parents could reward him or her with an ice cream.It means that the main teacher and the parents have to work tighter than others.

Kids with adhd and tourettes syndrome need a lot of breaks. Let them go to a room where they can be alone and do their tics. It is not realistic to think that they can work intesively in 45 min. Since many of these children with ADHD and Tourettes don’t want to be at school,  we have to find a solution they can live with. Let them do their homework at school and give them a proper leisure time.

These kids need an individual school training plan with focus on social skills and spesific subjects the child struggles with. Have focus on the most important subjects. During other subjects he or she can sit by their desk and draw. They will always pick up something from the lecture.

During school test these children could answer the test orally instead of in writing. They often struggle with handwriting. If an oral test is difficult to organize, children with ADHD and Tourettes need more time at tests than other children..

Some struggles more than other. But the children with ADHD and Tourettes don’t struggle with the same things. These children need adults in school who really want to help them, and that they are being treated as an individual with love and respect.


Hobby mental health

Hand knitting is mental hygiene


I love to knit and I really believe hand knitting is mental hygiene. But everything you love to do is mental hygiene. You are perhaps not thinking about your hobby in this way. The hobby has helped me recover a long period with disease. Burnout- will I ever recover?

A good combination

I combine it often with an audio book or Netflix. I am sure I couldn’t finish anything off if I didn’t cut out the thoughts. The distraction from music, audio books or a movie help me to continue my project instead of hiding it and forget all about it.

Blankets and sweaters have become a peace of cake…. It hasn’t always been like that

In perspective

I learnt to knit when I was just 10 years old. In my childhood there was nothing to do in the leisure time. Inspired by my grandmother I learnt to knit and crochet from a book. I was really proud of myself. But there was just small projects. The goal was to finish something off very quickly and I didn’t like to knit something in pairs. I always knitted something to myself. But that has changed. I just have to give my projects away because it gives me joy, and because I know the person I give it to would be very happy.

The goal now is just to relax and have a good time. The larger project, the better. And suddenly I am there where I am to suppose to cast off…… Strange thing but I guess it is because I have reached a certain age…..

Hand knitting is mental hygiene

So I seriously believe hand knitting is mental hygiene.  The Anxiety release, a lot of problems are solved during the knitting even when your mind is floating….. The blood pressure, pulse and stress hormones like cortisol and adrenalin increase. You meet your social needs if you combine the hobby with a friend(s) or meet other people in a knitting café, which is very popular some places.


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