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Careful with the affiliate links


I learned something today, and it has made me very annoyed. It is my own fault, but I have learnt to be careful with my affiliate links. I signed up for Dollar Tree and that´s ok. I read all the precautions and demands and sent my application. And hurray, I was accepted.

So I did what I use to do, I added them in Thirsty affiliate where I usually connect links to certain keywords. It simplifies your linking, and the only thing I think of is updating them. You can also decide when the link shall expire, but that is something you add in the Thirsty Affiliate application.

But, back to my story. I grabbed some links from Dollar Tree into Thirsty affiliate, but when I checked upon the links the screen went completely white. There was many thoughts, and I could not find out what the issues were. I got all the security features I think I needed.

Nothing more happened until the next morning. I got an unpleasant E-mail from Jetpack. They are taking care of my security, so I should be glad they were on the task. They told me that my web site was down, but they were looking into it. Oh no, I said to myself. What has happened here? What on earth have I done? Well, I could get into my admin after a while, but I could not view my site. This ugly message “The page can not be found” is still there. In the header I find tree 😛

I wrote an E-mail to Dollar Tree, and they could tell me that they did not accept keywords. Oh,how could I have missed that? Maybe I just assumed they did? But I can´t recall reading it. So I advice you to be very careful with the affiliate links. The answer for my problems I guess, is Thirsty Affiliate. Read very carefully what your merchant expects from you.



An update

Thirsty affiliate or WordPress could not help me remove the horrible /dollaretree addition in my web site address.

Dollartree has not replied to my e-mail, which I find really disappointing and annoying.

I have changed my affiliate plugin and cross my fingers that this would not happen again……


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Darn Good Yarn helps people


Darn Good Yarn helps people with disadvantages and I am therefore proud to promote the firm. I am also really proud to promote a company that is environmentally, ethically and socially engaged.

Darn Good Yarn helps people with  disadvantages around the world to have a meaningful day, even though the company is seated in New York. Despite the company has to earn money to stay «alive», they got a business policy with an unselfish wish to help people. Countries and borders are no limit. I will try to ecplain it. You can find the company at  shareasale

Buttons from South Africa
Darn Good Yarn and people

Darn Good Yarn supports victims of domestic violence and they are also empowering women’s economi. They support fair trades and eco friendly production, so recycling products and materials is an important part of this policy. 

Darn Good Yarn helps people with developmentally disabilities, disables and veterans. People who are discriminated for the their race, caste or gender are also supported of Darn Good Yarn.

It is all about the keywords like integrity, respect and love to people. I would like to see more of this mentality among employers. Darn Good Yarn focus on love and that each and everyone of us are worth something.

Earrings from Darn Good Yarn‘s many projects
What is Darn Good Yarn’s goals and values?

The company creates jobs so that disadvantaged people can provide for their own food, education for their children and healthcare for their families.

This is as we all know, very important for the integrity, self respect and self-esteem. In worst cases the children may have to contribute to the economi, instead of having an education.

They may have to start begging or selling their bodies, and I guess that is not much of a life. It is all about quality of life.

The firm is, as I mentioned before, supporting eco-friendly, sustainable and fair jobs around the world, and they are cooperating  with producers and organizations with similar goals. They try to find solutions so that the employees can offer safer and better working environments.

An example of unsafe working environment

I was curious about milk cotton once. There was some big problems with the production method. They used acrylic, formaldehyde and aluminum salts. We don’t have to be chemist to understand how harmful these substances are for the workers , environment and the consumers. As an peri operative nurse I have worked a lot with formaldehyde. We use it to fixate organs and there are very strict rules how to handle and store it.


Darn Good Yarn is having an ongoing campaign to help victims of domestic violence. For each purchased skirt they give one skirt to a victim.

These skirt are made in India of old saris which they recycle. They are really fantastic. 

Sari skirt made in India

I ordered a large dream catcher a month ago. I was not disappointed and my colorful dream catcher is now hanging in my living room. It was handmade in the Himalayas.

Dream catcher from the Himalayas
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