Card making is joy and creativity

I got a new hobby last autumn and I have realized that card making is joy and creativity. It is just like a puzzle where all the bits and pieces shall fit together in the end. If you make a mistake, your idea of the card will change. You may accept the change and continue or start over again.

Recycling an old Christmas card

I am a beginner, a trained card maker will see that. But it gives me so much joy and pleasure. I can’t say I don’t care when the comments are positive, but it is hard to please a perfectionist…..

Card making investments

I have made investments in a lot of things like Sizzix big shot, cutting and embossing dies, glue, tape, craft paper, bling and a lot more.

Using Pinterest and blogs have been really helpful giving me a lot of ideas, but I am trying to go my own way. I am really tempted to buy a lot of new stuff every time I pass a hobby shop, but I have decided to use what I already got.

I am a collector so I got a huge amount of old Christmas cards I am trying to recycle, more or less successful.

Mental hygiene, mindfulness and creativity

Anyhow it is just like knitting, the time and my thoughts fly.

Hand knitting and Mental hygiene

It is mental hygiene and mindfulness combined with creativity, and most all recreation. When I sit by my desk I listen to audio books or music. After a while I breathe more freely, the pulse and blood pressure drops, and I just feel the energy coming back. It is recreation and that is the clue with any hobbies, I guess.  If you don’t feel joy or pleasure, it is time to move on. But for now, card making is joy combined with creativity. Gone is the stress and problems when I am in the card making bubble.

Burnout- will I ever recover?

Chronic stress and diseases 

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