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A shawl for the winter

I have knitted a triangular shawl for the winter. It is an easy pattern, and anyone can knit it. I have used Nordlys from Viking for my shawl. I started this project a couple of years ago and have finally managed to finish it of. It may become a Christmas gift or I give it to the organizations that give care to the homeless….



I casted on 3 stitches on needle no. 3 (11). Because I want an even edge I never knit the first stitch in the beginning of each row. This shawl is knitted in garter stitch.

The shawl for the winter

The first row you knit 3 stitches. On the second row you take the first stitch off and over to your right needle. Then you take the yarn over the needle, knit one stitch, yarn over the needle and knit the last stitch.

The third row you knit five stitches. On the fourth row you take off the first stitch, yarn over the needle, knit one, yarn over the needle, knit one, yarn over the needle and knit one.

The fifth row you knit seven. You increase your work every other row with four stitches and then you just knit until you get the wanted size. 

I crocheted the edge all the way around the shawl. In one stitch you crochet:

1 double crochet,1 half double crochet/ half treble crochet,1 treble crochet,1 half double crochet/half treble crochet and 1 half double crochet.

In my shawl I crocheted these tongues every second stitch from the needle. It make a finishing touch to the shawl which I like.

What is Darn Good Yarn? 

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Preparing of the christmas gifts

Hand knitting is mental hygiene


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