It is time to relax…..

It is time to relax and how I love to listen to nature sounds. I have found some weather recordings on Spotify, and use them often.

When I got sleeping problems or just needs to calm down I put on my noisecancelling headphones. Gone is the noise from the traffic and neighbor’s dog….. Instead I can relax to calming waves, birds or stormy weather. That is the best sleeping medicine. If you struggle with the same issues, I really recommend nature sounds.Other apps probably offer the same too. But I have used Spotify for many years now. I find it hard to switch.

It is a great combination with wireless headset, Bluetooth and Spotify. Since the app can be used offline, I can play it everywhere where I do not have any WiFi connection. And I do not have to worry about mobile data costs.

Well, it is time to relax and it is time to go to bed….
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