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  • BCAM: October 13th
    Most of us who have or have had breast cancer, especially if we are older when we are diagnosed, do not have to face Stage IV. But shouldn’t more be done for those lovely young women whose cancer has spread and they have no hope or seeing their children grow up? For husbands who … Read more
  • The importance of Pinktober
    I don’t have to tell you the importance of Pinktober which is a reminder to check your breasts, and please do. But if Pinktober is the reason why you examine your breast at least once a year that is better than never, and I would say Pinktober has achieved something. There are some recommendations … Read more
  • The Color of Cancer
    Strong reading from Iliene<3 For this the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness month, we the stage four terminally ill are allotted one whole day, October 13th. I was diagnosed de novo (from the beginning), as my genetics, dense breasts, and missed diagnoses led me to my prison cell on death row on March 25th, … Read more
  • National suicide prevention month
    September is world national suicide prevention month, and today is worl suicide prevention day! I’ve been suicidal many, many times. If you feel suicidal right now, please know your not alone. If you feel like your unable to go on, there is help out there. There are phone lines, crisis lines, suicide hotlines, and … Read more
  • My super motivational Fitbit watch
    My previous post was pretty anxious and depressive. I wrote Trying to escape my cancer thoughts. To sum it up I was really shaken after Kate Preston`s death, and I spent most of my time running away from my feelings. I was grieving in a way even though I didn’t know her. My walking … Read more
  • Trying to escape my cancer thoughts
    I am very sad to day. I woke up this morning full of plans for the day. After scrolling the newspapers on the Internet I discovered that Kelly Preston is diseased after a two years struggle against breast cancer. I met my own fear with anxiety and I could not sit still. All my … Read more
  • Give Yourself Permission — A New Kinda Me
    These last few weeks have been difficult emotionally, I think it’s because everything is starting to sink in and my ego is starting to take over. It is also the beginning of summer which means, swim suits, tank tops and low cut shirts (I can’t wear a turtle neck every day lol) everything I … Read more

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